So i have decided that this blog is my new way of spreading the intorwebz around for all the mindless little blag zombies that actually read this. I.E. no one at this point.
I have a deep burning passion for both web comix and not making it to work on time! I have officially shown up late for work twice. and i;m pretty sure there's this chick at the restaraunt i eat at for lunch who likes me...
Oh yeah I didn't tell you. I got this awesome job as a lifeguard.
so if you were a medieval warrior what weapon would you use?
i spent most of the week pondering this question and came to a conclusion.
2. A BLADE EDGED BUCKLER (sort of a small armshield)

The first thing i need anyone who may read it to understand about this blog page is that it was born among fire and strife, and that many Bothans died in its creation...
nah, there wasn't really That much fire..
Honestly its mostly because something my partner in crime said that pissed off my sense of self importance. She said that while maybe i could make a "okay" blag, i would never match up with her favorite blagger, the only one she reads regularly. And I Will Be DAMNED, before i let anyone tell me there is something out there that a person is doing, that i could not personally do better!!
So here goes..
BTW anyone know what the hell goes in a blog?



    I'm f*ckin Crazy dawg
    also i have a passion for webcomix


    July 2012